Meet The Host

Hey there! 👋 How are you? First of all thanks for popping along to visit the website, I hope the content here can fulfil some of the things you are looking for when it comes to reading, watching and listening to good content.

Glen Wheeler, Podcast Host with his son Max.

I started this podcast with a purpose, which you can find right here on the About the Podcast Page.

My name is Glen Wheeler and I am an entrepreneur from the North East of England. I currently spend most of my time working with a fantastic team over at StackUp Digital as well as spending a huge amount of time with my family, that's me and my boy just up there 👆👆.

The digital agency, StackUp Digital which I co-founded with the fantastic Jamie Bradley specialises in the design and development of eCommerce stores, online retail solutions and headless architecture. With them, along with my other companies, I feel like I have already had, what feels like a long career as a Creative Thinker, User Experience Designer and Frontend Developer which has enabled me to have worked with some of the most amazing clients across the world some of those who have become lifetime friends.

To the someone who leads a very busy lifestyle, I often find it difficult to sit down and talk for an hour without distraction. I have now re-evaluated my life taken a step back and have come to understand how I can work more effectively and efficiently when it comes to the usage of my own time. One of the things I really missed during COVID was an open-minded discussion with like-minded people and so now, in 2023 have decided to re-launch the podcast.

I hope you enjoy it.