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Episode 09

Sunday 23rd September 2018
USA Edition with Edd Dutton and Oli Dutton

Podcasting, Food and catching up with two of my good friends. I sat down with Oliver and Edd to discuss the trips that they recently returned from. Oli had spent a week in New York and Edd had just got back from Florida. I've never travelled to the US myself so was interested in the good and the bad.

Welcome back to the podcast

Episode 03

Thursday 5th April 2018
At the heart of Singapore

This week we sat down with Ahmad Amirul Zulkiflie, a resident of Singapore who has moved his life to the UK for the next 4 years to study for his degree at Newcastle University. As a big lover of Singapore after visiting the Formula One Grand Prix, I wanted to learn more. Join us on this one for laughs and some strange direction of the discussion.