About The Podcast

This podcast was officially started back in 2018 with a friend. Unfortunately, the Podcast took a back seat after 12 episodes and then COVID-19 hit us so we didn't progress from that point forward. When I reflect on those times they were really fun and informative and we started to build an audience. I got to spend time with some amazing people and learn something new in every single episode we recorded. Now, in 2024 I want to make a huge effort to bring this back, starting with some great guests in May 2024.

The primary goal of this podcast is to provide a platform for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and individuals who are motivated, have businesses or are experts in their industries or interests. Each episode features a guest who shares their personal experiences, insights, and tips on how to succeed in the world of business, entrepreneurship, passion projects and lifestyle.

This podcast is here as a source of inspiration, for people who want success or freedom in their lives, for people who want to gain positive mental health and to help support collaboration for your next chapter in life. By listening to the stories of successful entrepreneurs and hearing how they overcame challenges and achieved success, listeners can gain a new perspective and find the motivation they need to continue to grow.

This podcast is important to me because it provides a way to share my passion for entrepreneurship, to help others succeed and ultimately be happy and have the freedom we all deserve. For listeners, it's an invaluable resource that can help them gain the knowledge and inspiration they need to achieve their goals. So whether you're an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or just someone interested in being free, I encourage you to tune in and join the conversation.